Stork Club (Ages 0-1)

To help celebrate the birth of each new bundle of joy, we created the Stork Club. It’s the perfect way to give your child or grandchild a great start financially. By focusing on smart financial management from a young age, it will become second nature to your child.

Dollar Dog Kids Club Savings Account (Ages 2-12)

A special savings program for our younger members. This is a great way to teach children the importance of saving while having fun!

Call us today for more information or stop in to open an account.

Kids, did you know that you can earn Dollar Dog Coins and redeem them at our Dollar Dog Store?

You can earn Dollar Dog coins when you open a Dollar Dog Account, make a deposit or bring in an activity sheet*. Click here to download an activity sheet.

*One activity sheet per month.

Next Gen (Ages 13-18)

During their time in the Next Gen program, they may get their first job, first car and prepare for college. This requires crucial money handling skills. We have developed this program to help ensure they are off to a smart start.

Next Gen Member ages 16 and 17 years old can open a checking with a debit card only, and must have an adult joint owner. This will help them learn how to manage money and give them the convenience of a debit card. Learn about the many different events and offers for the year.

Did you know that we have Youth Savings Account promotions all year long? Visit the Youth Corner for more information!