Sluggers (Ages 12 and under)

It is important to teach our children to save and develop good spending habits when they are young. Opening a savings account for your child provides a glimpse into how Credit Unions work and gives them a safe place to deposit their allowance or birthday money.

Start your child’s savings account and together we can help build a good foundation for your child’s financial future.

Next Gen (Ages 13-18)

During their time in the Next Gen program, they may get their first job, first car and prepare for college. This requires crucial money handling skills. We have developed this program to help ensure they are off to a smart start.

We are happy to announce that Teen Checking is now available to members ages 14 to 17.* This account comes with MasterCard debit card and there is no minimum balance requirement.

This is a great opportunity to learn about how to manage money and have the convenience of a debit card.

*14 and 15 year old must have joint owner that is a member of MFCU in good standing and over 18 years old. 16 and 17 year old must have a joint owner over 18 years old. Teen Checking cannot have checks issued or be part of the Courtesy Pay program.

Did you know that we have Youth Savings Account promotions all year long? Visit the Youth Corner for more information!