Simplify Your Life

We’ve made paying bills easy and free*! Bill Pay is the most flexible way to receive, pay, and organize your bills online when it’s convenient for you.

It’s easy to enroll and all you need is a checking account. On your next visit to It’s Me 247, click on “Pay & Transfer” and then click on “Enroll in Bill Pay.”

There are so many benefits…

  • Authorize checks to be sent to anyone, from babysitters to utilities.
  • Keeps a payment history register.
  • You can set up recurring payments like mortgage and car payments or insurance premiums.
  • Schedule payments at your convenience.
  • Add billers quickly with just an account number, phone number and address.
  • No additional sign on or passwords to remember.
  • Monitors the status of your payments.
  • Receive bills electronically. Not every company is set up to send e-bills yet, but the list is growing every day.
  • Bill pay is safe and secure.
*There will be a bill pay monthly inactive fee if there is not at least 1 transaction done in the month. Please refer to our Fee Schedule for the bill pay inactive fee.

Questions About Your Transactions

If you have questions about your transactions, you can call 1-844-596-1781.

Depositors should allow at least five (5) business days from the date payment is scheduled for such payments to be delivered to payees. “Business days” shall mean Monday through Friday of each week exclusive of Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays.